Michael Clayton midpoint back Then who are you?

The beginning of the scene.
Michael: So welcome home.
Michael: How do I talk to you, Arthur?
Arthur: How can you know that?
Michael: You chased this girl through a parking lot...
Arthur: I have great affection for you, Michael...
Michael: I'm not the enemy.
Michael spots Arthur. In the script, a new slugline:

Arthur: Best bread I've ever tasted.
Arthur: No. You're wrong. What makes this feel good is I don't know.
Michael: I find out you're calling this girl in Wisconsin and you're messing with documents and God knows what else and --
Arthur: Explain it! Explain how Marty knows.
Michael: You're making it easy for them.
Arthur: the last place you want to see me is in court.
Arthur: Then who are you?
Michael drives around looking for Arthur.
Michael finds Arthur. Initiates the conversation.
Michael gradually starts getting down to business.
Michael reads Arthur the riot act.
Arthur realizes his phone is tapped, which makes him fight back.
Michael restarts his lecture, but now Arthur isn't deflecting, he's fighting back.
Arthur takes control.
The coda.
Key lines
Henry: I want to go home.
Michael: Hang on, Henry.
Michael: Arthur! Wait up!
Michael: How's that going?
Arthur: Good. Very good. I just... I need to be more precise.
Michael: You need help. Before this gets too far, you need help.
Michael: ...I find out your'e calling this girl in Wisconsin...
Arthur: How can you know that?
Arthur: She wouldn't do that. I know that.
Michael: Really. You think your judgment is state-of-the-art right now?
Arthur: ...you're a bagman, not an attorney.
Michael: I'm not the enemy.
Arthur: Then who are you?
Key beats
The prolog: Michael looks for Arthur.
Initial pleasantries.
Getting down to business.
Michael lays down the law.
The scene turns.
Michael tries to regain control.
Arthur takes control.
The finale: Arthur's challenge.
Arthur's state
Arthur is not yet present.
Manic and nervous. Has an absurd number of loaves of bread, a sign of his mania. Is awfully jumpy when Michael shows up.
Still nervous. Defensive. Trying to keep in control.
Completely defensive.
Paranoid. (But right - just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.) Growing anger. Starting to lose control.
Angry and paranoid.
We see Arthur as he is - a powerful attorney. "The shark beneath the breadloves." He has a moment of perfect clarity - is a lawyer.
Still in control. Challenging.
Michael's state
Michael is trying hard to find Arthur. But in doing so, he is ignoring his son Henry.
Cool. Has found Arthur, dealing with the pleasantries. But there's an edge underneath - he's being sarcastic.
Starting to get angry now. Working his way up to the real confrontation.
Angry. Letting loose his feelings, telling Arthur off.
His frustration with Arthur grows.
Doesn't realize the conversation has shifted, is still trying to argue Arthur into submission.
Completely put on the defensive. Can't respond at all.
He's lost, and he knows it.
Who speaks the most
Arthur isn't present yet.
Arthur speaks the most, responding to Michael's pointed greetings.
Arthur continues to speak the most. He's babbling here, trying to use a lot of words to obfuscate.
Michael speaks the most. He's in charge, directing the conversation.
They are even here, fully engaged in conflict.
Michael speaks a lot in an attempt to regain control, but Arthur succinctly denies him.
Arthur is the only one talking. He has taken full control.
Even in words, but Michael is whining, Arthur firm.